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Monday 13th February, 2017 (4:29 am)

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Wednesday 16th July, 2014 (2:08 am)

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Monday 12th May, 2014 (5:27 am)

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Friday 4th April, 2014 (2:16 am)

In the budget of May 2013 it was announced that high income earners would lose access to some of the tax concessions for Superannuation purposes.  Division 293 sees an additional 15% (added to the standard 15% tax) on superannuation income.  Individuals with an ADJUSTED income over $300,000 will have the option of pay this Division 293 tax personally or from their superannuation fund.

The ADJUSTED income comprises of:

  • Your taxable income (from your Income Tax Return – ITR/Notice of Assessment NOA)

  • Total reportable fringe benefits amounts (on ITR)

  • Net financial investment loss (on ITR)

  • Net rental property loss (on ITR)

  • Amounts on which family trust distribution tax has been paid (on ITR)

  • *Low tax contributions (from Superannuation Fund)

  • Super lump sum taxed elements with a zero tax rate (on ITR)

*Low tax contributions information is obtained from the superannuation fund and equals the member’s contribution statement.  This includes amounts from:

  • Employer Contributions amounts

    • Super guarantee

    • Salary sacrifice

  • Other family and friend contributions

  • Assessable foreign fund amounts

  • Assessable amounts transferred from reserves

  • Notional employer contributions (defined benefit contributions)

Example calculation:


        Taxable Income per ITR/NOA                  265,000

        Superannuation Paid   by employer          16,000

        Salary sacrificed super                                   9,000

        Rental property losses                                  18,000

        Total Earnings for Div 293                           308,000

The income in excess of $300,000 is taxed a further 15% ð $8,000 x 15% = $1,200

If John chose not to salary sacrifice the $9,000, he would still have a Division 293 tax issue - he would pay 46.5% tax + 1.5% Medicare levy on the $9,000 plus the 15% on the $8,000.  He is still saves considerable in regards to taxation if he salary sacrifices but not as much as he would have prior to Division 293 introduction.



Taxable Income per ITR/NOA                  285,000

        Superannuation Paid   by employer              16,000

        Salary sacrificed super                                8,000

        Adjusted Reportable Fringe Benefit             20,000

        Rental property losses                                  12,000

        Total Earnings for Div 293                           341,000

For Cassandra, Division 293 allows use of the lower of two amounts:

·         Low tax contributions $24,000 ($16,000 + $8,000) or

·         The excess over $300,000 ($41,000)

Therefore Cassandra’s Division 293 tax would be $24,000 x 15% = $3,600.

NB:  If Cassandra’s fringe benefit can be “cashed out” (i.e. cancelled out by an employee contribution) she may be able to reduce the total earnings by $20,000.  If you have a novated lease or cashable item which you are salary sacrificing, and you are in the Division 293 category of tax payers, please TALK TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT.

Payment of Divison 293 Tax

Division 293 tax is due 21 days after the notice of assessment is issued.  This is payable by:

·         The individual.

·         A division 293 tax release authority.  This will be issued with the notice of assessment allowing payment through the superannuation fund using members contribution, or

·         Splitting the payment between the two options.

NB:  Defined benefit funds are treated slightly different and you should talk to your accountant regarding these.


How to calculate:

General information:

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Thursday 25th October, 2012 (6:02 am)


  • GST claimed on loan repayments, including Chattel Mortgages, credit cards, HPs.
    These items are NOT included at G11
  • Drawings included at G11 – these should be excluded & don’t have GST.
  • Merchant Fees have GST
  • Bank Fees don’t have GST
  • Insurance has GST but it isn’t 1/11. Stamp Duty portion has no GST.
  • There is no GST on income protection.
  • Registration for MV. Can only claim GST on the CTP if you have already stated that it is a business vehicle.
  • GST in not 100% of the purchase price of a motor vehicle e.g. Government fees, registration are GST Free.
    Purchase goes in G10.
  • Assets costing more than $1,000 need to go in G10 not G11.
  • GST claimed on GST free supplies
    -e.g. rates, stamp duty, water,
    -some staff amenities e.g. milk, sugar
    -ATO payments and fines (N-T)
  • Government Licencing does not have GST e.g. ASIC fees, BSA, Business Registration
    (BSA insurance has GST)
  • Residential properties – cannot claim GST
  • Sale of any business equipment (including motor vehicles) need to have GST on the sale and is included at G1
    G1 includes ALL income including those without GST e.g. Grants, interest, overseas
    sales but does not include ATO Refunds, bank loan funds, capital contributed by directors.
  • Entertainment expenses – generally only 50% of the GST is claimable
  • Wages & Superannuation do not have GST on them and are not reported at G11.
  • Protective and logoed clothing is deductible and has GST. Underwear and socks are not protective and are unlikely to have your business name on them.